Choosing a photographer to document your wedding day can be a daunting experience. By the time you are reading this, no doubt you will have browsed many websites, reviewed many portfolios, and read many about me pages trying to find the photographer who is the perfect fit for you.

A quick Google search will bring up many '10 questions' pages written by photographers, and wedding magazines, telling you what you should ask or know about your potential photographer. 

Now I'm going to add my own and hopefully in the process of reading them you'll learn a little more about me. As always, if you have any other questions, please contact me

  • How would you define your style?

I would describe my style of photography as documentary/reportage. My belief is that a wedding photographer should document your day and not influence it - It is your big day and by taking a 'hands-off' approach I can capture an authentic, non-staged, record of your wedding. That said, when it comes time to take your portraits and group shots I am able to give clear and natural direction - something I've developed as a commercial photographer  

  • Can we meet before making a booking?

Absolutely! I'm very much of the opinion that couples and photographers should 'mesh' and be a good fit. The last thing you want is a photographer that you don't have confidence in or feel comfortable around - there is enough stress on the wedding day! If it isn't possible to meet in person, I am more than happy to have a telephone, e-mail or Skype consultation with you.

Once a booking is made, I also look to meet couples for a pre-wedding consultation to discuss the running order for the day, compile a list of group shots and any other 'must-haves', and to make a note of any sensitivities.

After this time, I am more than happy to discuss any aspects or questions that you may have. Just drop me a message or call and I'll get back to you ASAP.

  • What training and experience do you have?

This is a good question given it is easy for anyone to pick up a camera and call themselves a 'photographer'. I studied photography at college and university level in the United Kingdom before second shooting for numerous UK wedding photographers including Nicola Milns and Pat Kelman. Since 'graduating' to being a primary wedding photographer in 2013, I have photographed many weddings in the UK and Canada with many happy couples - you can read some of my testimonials.

In 2015 I achieved the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Certification (WPPIC) which was developed and delivered by the WPPI, the premiere industry association, in conjunction with the New York Institute of Photography.

  • Can I see a full wedding?

Of course! A number of previous couples have given me permission to share their day in full with potential clients. Contact me and I'll send you the password to their online gallery.

  • Can we read some testimonials/reviews from other couples?

I have a testimonials page where I have copied many of the kind comments and words received from the couples I have photographed. Each quote also lists the name of my corresponding blog post so you can see some of the images from the day. I have also included a link to my Google Maps entry where you can see reviews left directly by couples (I have no control over these!)

  • Can you incorporate our ideas into your wedding photography?

Of course! I have my ideas but your wedding is about you so I look to make the photography reflective of you both as a couple. If you have any specific ideas or requests, do let me know.

  • Are you insured?

I have full insurance which, thankfully, I've never had to use. When setting up my equipment I am very conscious of the surroundings and ensure that they are discreetly and safely placed out of harms way.

  • Are you a member of any professional photography organisations?

I am a member of WPPI and Fearless Photographers. These organisations provide a source of continued development and inspiration as members are amongst the best documentary wedding photographers in world!

  • What happens if you are ill before/on our wedding day?

I'll take a Tynenol and push on! It hasn't happened before but as a member of WPPI and Fearless Photographers I have access to lots of award winning photographers who can cover in an emergency. I also have my own network of photographer contacts. I have pre-wedding regime to ensure that I am fit and healthy before a wedding day!

  • What is your backup strategy?

In a word, comprehensive! My camera shoot to 2 memory cards simultaneously for protection throughout wedding day. As soon as I finish a wedding I create a 'master copy' by backing up all my memory cards to an external hard drive and online cloud storage. Once I have a 'master copy' safety stored offsite, I make another copy on my Mac which I use for editing and post-production. This process, through long, means I've never lost a client's images! and that's worth it!

If you have any other questions which I haven't covered here or in my FAQ pages, please do contact me.