Let me introduce myself by telling you a little about who I am and my style of photography. I thought it would be pretty straightforward to write: it turned out it wasn't! It's hard to sum up on one page who I am, but hopefully by reading this page, and reviewing my portfolio, you will get an insight into the type of photographer I am.

Firstly - and this is the easy bit - My name is Ian and I'm based in Guelph, Ontario. I'm originally from Scotland, lived in London, UK for 8 years before moving to Canada in 2016. I'm married to an amazing Canadian who I can say is the reason that I took up portraiture. I remember the feeling I had when I saw our engagement photographs (we had them taken in London, UK and just outside of Toronto, Canada) for the first time and how our love for each other was captured in every one of the images. You will see from my portfolio that my style is orientated towards capturing those interactions between the couples I photograph - the smiles, the laughs, and those relaxed expressions that come when they think I've stopped taking their picture!

I aim to make my photo shoots fun and relaxed from the outset.  I believe that my most important tool is not my camera but its my ability to make my clients comfortable and relaxed when in front of it. While they are enjoying themselves, their inner self and character comes to the surface and the essence of their relationship becomes an images for me to capture.

I studied photography at Morley College and London Metropolitan University and have been shooting predominately portraiture since 2013. You can read my story and interview with WeddingLovely.com (Interested in my personal photography? Click here). 

I am a member of Fearless Photographers and WPPI and completed the WPPIC Certification programme in 2015.

Want to know what photographic equipment I use? Click here

Now that you know a little about me, I hope to hear from you soon. You can contact me through the Contact me page or by e-mail at ian@imessengerphotography.net

Special thanks to Paul at PND Photography for the headshot