Erica and Marco - Couple Session

I met Erica and Marco, an Italian couple living in London, on London's Southbank for a shoot. As we planned to shoot at major tourist locations, we agreed that an early start would be best to avoid the crowds.

We met at 10am and started at the Southbank just as the Christmas market was opening - this was an unexpected bonus as the market had just opened the day before! After taking a few shots in the market itself, we headed down the river towards the iconic Tower Bridge.

Our shoot lasted 3 hours in total  as we covered all of the locations we had talked about (and more!) in our pre-shoot conversations. We even took an unscheduled diversion across the river to St Paul's Cathedral, after Erica mentioned that it was one of their favourite locations in London

From the moment I met Erica and Marco it was clear they were a couple in love - and this showed in every photograph! They were also very comfortable in front of the camera, making my job a lot easier! It was a real pleasure to be their photographer for a few hours.

Below are a few images from the shoot.