Kellie and Kevin at Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

I recently shot an engagement shoot with Kellie and Kevin at the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.  The recently engaged couple wanted a park-based session to celebrate their life in London.

Kevin met Australian Kellie whilst he was working in Melbourne and, when the time came for Kevin to return home, Kellie joined him. I could not help but click with this couple, as their story was very much like my own!

During our pre-engagement shoot discussions, Kellie mentioned that Rugby player Kevin loved muffins and cake. As soon as this was mentioned, we had our first prop for the shoot (no pun intended!)

I have been wanting to shoot at Isabella Plantation for a long time and it was definitely worth waiting for spring! Well..the first weekend of spring!

Kellie and Kevin are getting married in Thailand next year and I wish them well.

Below are a few images from the shoot.