• Why have an Engagement session?

There are many reasons to have an engagement session! For you as the couple, the shoot gives you a chance to get accustomed to being in front of the camera prior to the big day whilst at the same time producing some casual and fun images! For me, the Engagement session gives me an opportunity to get to know you both individually and as a couple and learn about your story. The session allows me to learn what you like, and what you don't, and if you have any specific wishes or considerations.   

  • When should we schedule our Engagement session?

Engagement sessions can be scheduled at any point following booking. If you are planning to use your Engagement images as part of your wedding day, I would recommend no later than 4-6 weeks before the big day.

  • Where should we have our Engagement session?

Anywhere you want! I personally suggest a location(s) that has some special meaning to you as a couple as it adds to your story. Maybe where you first met? or a frequent place you went when you were dating? If you are struggling for ideas, I I have a few locations that I know well.

  • How long does an Engagement session take?

A typical Engagement session lasts for between 1-2 hours depending on the number of locations.

  • How much does an Engagement session cost?

Each wedding booking includes a complimentary Engagement session. If you are looking for an Engagement session only , check out my pricing page for further information.  

  • Can we have multiple locations?

Of course! We will plan out your Engagement session beforehand to ensure that the locations are practical and possible within the session.

  • Can we do x, y, z?

This is your Engagement session so we can certainly incorporate ideas that you have, shots that you have seen, and - within reason(!) - props. I feel that the images that we produce should be unique and personal to you as a couple. If you have any specific examples of images you have seen. If you are looking for ideas, I recommend browsing the many Engagement images on pinterest and send me a board! 

  • How many images can we expect? and when should we expect them?

A typical Engagement session creates around 30-40 images and I aim to deliver them to you within 4 weeks after the session. If you need them sooner for whatever reason, I'll do my best.

  • What should we do with the images?

Now thats a question! There are so many ways to use your Engagement session images. From my personal experience, I know some couples who used an image or two to send out as part of their wedding invitations. Others have used them during their wedding, either to make a wedding reception slideshow or simply make prints to place around the reception venue. The choice is yours!