Useful OSX and iOS applications for Photographers

As a continuation of my workflow post, I thought I would share some of the OSX and iOS applications that I use for my Photography. If you use any others, do let me know.


  • Photo Mechanic 5 - A fast RAW viewer used to review, refine and import images from a shoot. Much quicker to open RAW files than Lightroom but not much of an editor
  • Adobe Lightroom - My 'go-to' photo editor. Feature packed and great for batch editing.


I use an iPad Mini 2 for my photography business. The iOS apps allow me to effectively run my business almost completely from the device.

  • Duet Display - This Retina-ready application, along with the OSX companion app, allows your iOS device to become a second screen for your Macbook via a USB connection. This allows for valuable extra screen space for editing/proofing and you can drag windows from one screen to another. Its not free - I paid £11.99 from the app store - but a cheap way to add a second screen.  
  • Snapseed - For quick iPad edits and uploads to social media. Free.
  • Photogene4 Another app for quick iPad edits and uploads to social media. Since Snapseed was recently updated, I find myself using Photogene4 more frequently as I'm not too keen on the new Snapseed UI. £2.29.
  • Eye-Fi -  The companion app for the Eye-Fi Wifi SD card range. This app, and the Eye-Fi wifi SD card, allows for clients to see images on the iPad rather than the back of the camera. Free.
  • Facebook Pages Manager - Used for managing my Facebook page. Free.
  • Twitter - Used for managing my Twitter feed. Free.
  • Instagram - Used for managing my Instagram page. Free.
  • PayPal - Used for receiving payment from clients. Free. 
  • Google Adwords Express - Used of managing my Google Adwords campaigns. Free.