Brock Street Barber Shop I Google Trusted Photographer Tillsonburg

Brock Street Barber Shop in Tillsonburg, Ontario is a gentlemen's barber shop run by Marcos and Shawn.

Since the shop is a relatively small location this Business View tour consists of only 5 panoramas. However, the 5 panoramas allow for full 360 viewing of the entire premises. 

The Google Street View session at Brock Street Barber Shop took a total of 30 minutes - which was scheduled before the shop open for the day - and I then completed all of the post-processing later in the day. Within a short time of uploading to Google via the Street View Trusted program, of which I am a member, a "See Inside" thumbnail appeared on the Brock Street Barber Shop Google Maps entry

If you would like to hear more about how Google Business View can work for your business, or would like to book a Virtual Tour in Tillsonburg or surrounding area, please do not hesitate to contact me or email