2015 - A Personal Year in Review

A few days ago I wrote my 2015 - Year in Review post, a task that many a photographer feels the needs to do at the end of each year! I thought I would compliment that post with a 'Year in Review' for my personal photography - I'm not all Engagements, Weddings, and Senior Portraits

This year I have found myself especially reflective as 2015 is my last year in London before emigrating to Canada in early 2016. 

I've been fortunate that my work has taken me to some interesting places this year, including two places on my 'bucket list': India and Pripyat, Ukraine (more can be seen on my personal website - www.ianmessenger.co.uk). I've worked with some great artists and actors, including Joe Taylor and Zara Kershaw, where my images have been used for their EPs. 

This year I invested in the Profoto lighting system when I purchased a B1 moonlight. I have started to use this for some Senior Portrait and Studio sessions but I am looking forward to using it more in 2016 in Canada.

I also began experimenting with using a GoPro for Behind the Scenes footage - and creating a YouTube channel to go with it.  

For more of personal and commercial work, check out my other website at www.ianmessenger.co.uk

Below are 30 of my favourite personal photography images from 2015: