Moving from the UK to Canada..finally!

After a year long immigration process and 8 years in London, I'm spending the last night in my apartment before heading to Gatwick airport for my (one-way) flight to Toronto. 

This ends 12 months of paperwork, medicals, transatlantic mailing of documents and waiting...lots of waiting...

At least in the UK.

I have already made a spreadsheet of 'actions' I need to do when I arrive in Canada. Thankfully its not as intensive (or expensive) as what I had to do in the UK, but I will certainly be very busy for the first few weeks in my new country; at least I'll be able to familiarise myself with Ontario when I'm dashing from place to place.

The final month in London has been the busiest. For the best part of a year, the idea of moving to Canada was long way off and I didn't have to consider the logistics in too great a detail. That changed in January. 

After hours of research and personal recommendations, I opted to use Anglo Pacific as the shipping company to move my belongings to Canada. 6-12 weeks via sea container.

A few days later, and at the unfortunate hour of 0600, what seemed like an endless supply of cardboard shipping boxes arrived. "Best to have too many and return the ones you don't need", Anglo Pacific said.

Now it was hard to move in my apartment...

 Boxes, lots of boxes, arrive a little after 0600

Boxes, lots of boxes, arrive a little after 0600

Over the next few weeks we packed up our worldly possession in boxes, ruthlessly disposing of things that we didn't need, wouldn't work in Canada (TVs and other electric items), or were better to replace when we arrived.

eBay became our friend.

Finally after all this, our 'London life' came down to 14 boxes - 3 of them just for my photography equipment. 

 Waiting for collection

Waiting for collection

14 boxes may not look like a lot but after carrying them down 2 flights of stairs, I can tell you they are heavier than they look! I hope to see them again in 6-12 weeks.

Once the boxes were collected by Anglo Pacific, it was time to experience London for the last time; cue 3 days of visiting our favourite places, cafes and restaurants! Certainly not the greatest for my diet.

 My daily view

My daily view

Now with only a short time to go I find myself getting especially reflective. (I'm sentimentally anyway so this is bad..). There was so much I loved about London - my friends, the city life, my photography (both professional and personal) - but after 8 years its time for a change! I'm excited to start a new life in Ontario, I just wish I hadn't had 12 months of waiting to get there.

But what's another 2 days...